The Goodness of a Natural Weight Loss Diet

Fit into a new pair of jeans that is two sizes smaller than your current size! This week we present you with the easiest and safest way to lose weight and keep it off – the natural weight loss diet.

We’d all like to lose weight and lose it fast. The easiest way out, we think, is to follow a diet plan – eat less, exercise more. Pretty soon, we are tired of the fad diet that shows little or no result and we are quick to discard the diet plan along the wayside until another fad diet begins doing the rounds. But, did you know you could save yourself the agony by simply switching to a natural weight loss diet?

Natural weight loss diet – summarized

Eating healthy is a way of life that requires some doing. Your serving sizes of food must include foods from all the food groups: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, lean meats and low calorie diary products should form part of your regular diet. Experts recommend eating large servings of fruits and vegetables and rightly so. Fruits and vegetables are the richest source of vitamins, minerals and fiber which is good for your body.

Nothing in life is easy! Changing over from your current high fat, healthy diet plan to a natural weight loss diet would be anything but easy. Our advice would be to make a small change every day and complete the process over a period of a week. For example, reduce your fat intake (deep fried foods, cookies, pastries, soda) and replace it with tasty crunchy colorful salads and low fat milk or non-flavored, non-sweetened yogurt. Replace soda with natural, freshly made fruit juice.

Fruits and Vegetables make up the Natural Weight Loss Diet

According to MyPlate, the present nutrition guide of the US Department of Agriculture, your food plate must consist of 30% whole grain, 30% vegetables, 20% lean meats or proteins and 20% of fruits with a small portion of dairy products. USDA recommends that you fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables. This is in keeping with a natural weight loss program. Fruits and vegetables are great for you. Not only do they give you the essential minerals and vitamins, they also provide the essential roughage. Fruit and vegetables are much easier to digest rather than meat.

Perhaps it is a great idea to look at fruits and vegetables as a natural weight loss plans. From rosy red apples to red bell peppers and leafy greens, you have it all in a multitude of color. Indeed, your natural weight loss diet is a riot of color; surely much more appetizing than some of the dull and uninteresting foods you may have to endure if you are on a specific diet and weight loss diet plan.

Natural Weight Loss Diet: Eat Natural Foods rather than Processed Foods

Make way for wholesome natural foods in your diet. Use whole grain in your cooking rather than refined flours. Substitute white bread with whole wheat bread. Use honey to sweeten your drinks rather than refined sugars. Plant based proteins found in nuts and legumes are a better option than proteins from animal sources. Drink plenty of water (at least eight glasses) each day. Not only does water keep you hydrated, it helps flush out the toxins from your body. Go for iced herbal tea or green tea instead of the colas and shakes.

And finally, complement your Natural Weight Loss Diet with Exercise

To lose weight, you must back up your natural weight loss diet with exercise. While some people may like to go to the gym regularly, others may prefer to include the exercise in their daily routine by cycling or walking to work. Yet others may join a yoga class or simply walk the dog daily. The key is to pick out a physical activity that you like and one that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

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Top 5 Foods To Relieve Anxiety

Top 5 Foods to Relieve Anxiety

Having an anxiety attack can be both debilitating and embarrassing. When your heart’s pounding, you’re feeling lightheaded and you’re scared without knowing why, you may feel like you’re dying, and it’s hard to explain to friends and family what’s going on. It’s hard to socialize when you have this kind of problem because you never know when an attack will hit. Fortunately, you can reduce your anxiety level by eating the right foods, especially if you combine a healthy diet with regular exercise. Here’s a list of the top five foods you can eat to help reduce your anxiety level. Remember to drink a lot of water as well; plain water does more for your anxiety level than almost anything else and stops you from drinking soda or coffee, which can contribute to anxiety.

1. Cold water fish such as tuna and salmon. Cold water fish is high in Omega-3 oils. These oils help stabilize your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. In addition, they help stabilize blood sugar, so if your anxiety hits when your blood sugar gets low, you may be able to prevent future anxiety attacks by eating fish. You should eat cold water fish at least three times a week. These foods are generally easy to prepare; you can get a can or pouch of tuna to use on a sandwich or bake salmon fillets in the oven.

2. Peaches. In general, fruit is good for anxiety because it contains vitamins and nutrients that can help you feel more balanced. Peaches are especially good because they have a natural tranquilizing effect and contain even more nutrients than most other foods. In addition, peaches are among the sweetest of foods, so they can help you avoid eating excessive sugar, which contributes to anxiety. Try to get fresh peaches during the summer months. If you aren’t satisfied with your local supermarket’s selection, try the farmer’s market.

3. Non-processed chocolate. Most of the chocolate you find in stores is full of fat and sugar, so it’s not healthy–or helpful to your anxiety–to eat it. However, if you buy raw chocolate, you can actually help your anxiety by eating it. Pure chocolate is loaded with magnesium; deficiency in this important mineral can cause anxiety. Look for chocolate that is high in cocoa and has been processed as little as possible.

4. Almonds. Almonds are an extremely healthy variety of nut. This nut contains zinc and vitamin B12, which both can contribute to your sense of well-being and lift your mood. Almonds are also high in iron, which can give you more energy. Although almonds are high in fat, the health benefits of this nut outweigh the risk, and some of the fat in almonds is monosaturated fat, which is healthy for you and helps prevent heart disease. You can eat almonds by the handful as well as get milk made from almonds in your supermarket’s health food aisle.

5. Tofu. Many people don’t like tofu because it has little taste of its own; however, this food is high in protein, which you need to keep anxiety at bay. If you use spices and sauces when cooking tofu, it can easily become a tasty part of your meal, and there are a variety of recipes available both online and in cookbooks to help you. If you’re not a tofu fan, try yogurt, beans and chicken to get your daily dose of protein.

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Diet Plans and Weight Loss Programs in a Healthy Way

If you are a teenager or a young adult, looking good is everything. A big date or big event and you find yourself wondering if you are looking your best – how you would look in your best dress or best suit and so on. Unfortunately, modern day lifestyles and sensitivity to physical looks has made it fashionable to lose weight and be at you’re thinnest ever for that special event never mind that you are physically fit and did not need to lose weight. Often times this affliction with physical looks is caught on even by mature adults who then go on a weight loss plan and healthy eating plan just to lose weight for an event. Our friends and relatives too need to share the blame because they like to brag that they lost 10 pounds or 20 pounds for the event. Being human, we too would like a similar achievement.

The big question however is, should you really be losing weight or adopting a natural weight loss plans just to fit into the social notion of what constitutes beauty? Your ideal healthy weight is based on your height, age and gender. Do not go by what you see on the fashion ramp. Those skinny models are not the criteria for ideal weight. So if you are already near or at your ideal healthy weight for your height, age and gender, please avoid shedding weight for an event. Once the event done and gone, no one except one or two friends will remember whether you looked super thin and attractive or not. Therefore, if you are searching for a weight loss plan or are about to begin a weight loss plan and healthy eating guide just to lose weight for an event, we urge you to reconsider.

Your weight is not something to be played around with in this manner. True, actors in Hollywood routinely gain or lose weight depending on the movie script and directions received. However, these actors have a professional (sometimes a team of professionals) to guide them and ensure the process is smooth. In addition, their weight gain or natural weight loss program is not a trial-and-error thing nor is it based on pills and how much calories contained in food they eat like calories in a banana, calories in food, and calories in a green beans. The Hollywood weight loss plans are based on sheer dedication to food and exercise 14 to 18 hours a day. The weight management program that is adopted by actors requires sheer dedication – dedication to detail over a period of several months. The entire process of gaining or losing weight is always done carefully and scientifically and is closely monitored by professionals.

In contrast, teenagers and young adults usually adopt a haphazard approach to weight loss programs – an approach that is based more on what they might have heard from friends or read over the internet or in some fashion magazine. An unscientific approach to weight loss or an unscientific weight loss plans is fraught with danger. Our body is not a clay toy to be molded at will by using various artificial means. So if you do need to lose or gain weight be very careful how you go about it otherwise the internal scars might take a very long time in healing.

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