Strength & Control: The Health Benefits of Kegel Exercise

Incontinence and becoming prolapsed may be the possible effects of the weakening of the pelvic diaphragm. But do not fret because there is a recommended solution for strengthening the pelvic floor and being able to control of the vaginal muscles that can make maximum pleasure and a better sex experience achievable. The recommended solution is the Kegel exercise.
In 1948, a gynecologist by the name of Dr. Arnold Kegel published the Kegel exercise that involves contracting and relaxing muscles of the pelvic floor. This exercise can minimize the chances of incontinence and a prolapsed uterus.
During pregnancy, women are prescribed to do this exercise in order to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for the strenuous physiological tension they will experience during labor.
The pelvic diagram could weaken because of the kind of damage it has been exposed to and this could result to pelvic trauma. The effects are not instant and have the possibility to be apparent only after a period of time has passed since the pelvic floor has been damaged.
Other possible reasons for pelvic trauma could be: The hormonal imbalance a woman may be experiencing. This can strain the muscles and tissues and can contribute to damaging the pelvic floor. Another could be the medical family history. The repetition of family afflictions could also be a contributing factor. If a family member or members whether direct or extended has experienced this, it is highly likely that the in the same generation or the next ones could also experience it.
Much like when exercising the common muscles like the biceps, the more Kegelexercise a woman does, the more strength and control there is. Strengthen and tone the vaginal and pelvic muscles, and to be able control she contracts and releases those same muscles during sexual intercourse.
The medical speciality that deals with the three axis of the female perineum: urological, gynecological, and coloproctological is called Perineology.
It is said that by learning to control the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles it increase sexual gratification, which in turn, leads to better sex. According to Dr. Kegel himself, he published a report stating that the ease in achieving orgasms, the frequency of it, and their intensity have increased. The Pubococcygeal muscles, also called PC are those muscles that allow a person to control their urine. These same muscles are also the ones that contract during orgasm. Using the Kegel exercise leads to a more gratified sexual experience.
The Kegel exercise can be most beneficial but women must be aware that of the necessary steps that need to be taken before actually doing the exercise. It’s been a common mistake of women that they tend to do it the improper way. This could be seriously damaging to the very same vaginal and pelvic muscles they wish to be strengthened. It could lead to further pelvic trauma. So it’s better to be aware and learn the proper way so as not to add more injury to insult.