How Juvederm Treatments Can Benefit You

Juvederm treatments are non-invasive and simple, with minimal downtime. This cosmetic treatment can remarkably improve the volume and texture of your facial skin, making you look much younger. Let us look at how Juvederm treatment can benefit you.

Juvederm is used to treat facial wrinkles and folds, reducing them and restoring hydration to your skin. Juvederm injections are dermal fillers that provide a natural and long lasting glow for your skin.

What Is Juvederm?

Juvederm is an injectable filler comprising hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a naturally occurring substance in your body. Combining with water, this gel works to smooth wrinkles and lines on the face, improve the appearance of your lips and add volume to your cheeks and jawline. It is a natural anti-aging solution that can also stimulate collagen production in the skin.

Since the gel is made of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, juvederm injections are not associated with any kind of adverse reaction. In that way, it is a safe product you can use to achieve remarkable aesthetic results.

Benefits of Juvederm Treatment

The major benefit of Juvederm treatment is that this is a non-surgical procedure. Juvederm injections are placed under the skin, with least discomfort to the patient. Soon after the injections, you can see the positive effects. You’ll look and feel refreshed, with your skin becoming more hydrated.

  • Individual facial features can be restored
  • The treatment brings back lost volume to the face
  • It can improve smile lines, marionette lines, smoker lines, wrinkles and folds
  • Enhance your lips
  • It can contour your jaw line
  • Restore volume to the cheeks
  • Can be used for filling tear troughs below the eyes
  • Achieve a natural, improved facial appearance
  • Single day treatment with long lasting results

Safe Treatment with Minimal Side Effects

Juvederm treatment is safe and natural and is not associated with serious side effects. Side effects, if any, are limited to temporary reactions on the injection site such as redness, pain, swelling, itching which will subside quickly. It can be utilized by both men and women belonging to all age groups. Juvederm injections stimulate the production of natural collagen in the treatment areas, which in turn improves your appearance. The treatment is comfortable and of short duration. Local anesthetics are not required.

The improved aesthetic results stay for 6-12 months, even longer. Treatment results vary with the area treated, and skin type. Your lips, which are highly mobile, might require another treatment session after 6 months, whereas areas that are not very mobile require treatment only after 12 months or so. Juvederm is credited with a high level of safety and patient satisfaction, and outstanding cosmetic benefits for a long time.

What is most important is to find a physician who is experienced in providing Juvederm treatment. You can schedule a consultation with your doctor, who will decide whether you are a candidate for the treatment.