Laser Liposuction Surgery: Effective Fat Removal and Skin Tightening

Laser liposuction surgery provides effective fat removal and skin tightening. This innovation has made plastic surgery a more attractive proposition and one that is a lot safer and less painful than conventional liposuction surgery. Smartlipo Triplex is one of the most advanced forms of laser liposuction surgery.

Many people are worried about stubborn fat in certain areas of their body that refuses to go away in spite of heavy exercising. This does hurt the self confidence of those who are mindful of their image. With Smartlipo liposuction, fat deposits can be specifically targeted and burned out while the sagging skin can also be tightened by tissue coagulation that occurs during the procedure.

Why Smartlipo Liposuction Is a Better Option

While conventional liposuction surgery had to be performed under general anesthesia, laser liposuction surgery requires only local anesthesia. Smartlipo liposuction ensures precise targeting of the areas to be treated, without damaging any surrounding tissues.

Smartlipo Triplex liposuction is carried out by inserting a 1mm tube called a cannula into the skin for delivering laser energy to the fat cells. The cannula contains a laser fiber for the energy delivery. The energy is precisely channeled to the fat cells. These fat cells then rupture and are drained away as liquid. The skin tightens after the surrounding tissues coagulate.

Quick Treatment with Lasting Results

Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction surgery can generally be performed in a single sitting at the plastic surgeon’s office and the results begin to appear within a week. In the next 3 to 6 months, the results will keep improving. Patients can usually return to work and normal routine in 2 days, while activities such as exercising will have to wait for 2 weeks.

Smartlipo Triplex – Safer Than Conventional Liposuction Surgery

There are various reasons why laser liposuction, particularly Smartlipo Triplex is safer than conventional liposuction techniques.
• For one, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and not general anesthesia. This automatically reduces the risk of complications and side effects.
• Secondly, the precise targeting of the area reduces the risk of excessive blood loss. There are no large wounds as well, again bringing down the risk of infection. The precise targeting of the laser ensures the surrounding tissues are left undamaged. The simplicity of this cosmetic surgery procedure and the lack of bloody wounds enable quicker recovery too.

Greater Flexibility for the Plastic Surgeon with Smartlipo Triplex

With laser liposuction techniques such as Smartlipo, the plastic surgeon is able to remove fat and tighten the skin closer to the expectations of the patient. In any case, the surgeon examines the health of the patient and discusses expectations and requirements before proceeding with any plastic surgery modality. Laser liposuction surgery really helps effective fat removal and skin tightening.

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