10 Professions that Require a Strong Immune System

A strong immune system is usually a benefit, but it is rarely a requirement for a job. However, you might have a hard time getting or keeping these 10 careers without a strong immune system. If you don’t have one, then consider eating some immunity-boosting foods and really helping your body combat disease.

Airplane Pilot

Airplane pilots, and anyone else on the plane, are required to have a strong immune system. If the pilot doesn’t, then he or she may be unable to properly fly the plane. If the pilot doesn’t fly correctly, then this can mean a lot of fatalities. Not only that, but delaying a flight to find another pilot costs a lot of money that no one wants to spend. If you want to work in the sky, then make sure you can fight off germs.


Teachers are around a lot of kids, and kids have a nasty habit of sharing their germs. This means that a teacher may be around 20, 30 or even 100 sick or potentially sick kids during one day. Not only that, but just a few sick days can really mess up the entire year or semester. Teachers are absolutely required to have strong immune systems to ensure that the children are properly taught.


Just like the teacher, a doctor needs to have a strong immune system. For one, the doctor is constantly being exposed to people who are sick, and this will directly affront the immune system. Not only that, but most patients have weakened immune systems because they already have a disease or illness, so sick doctors can further infect them. If you want to be a doctor, or anyone else in the medical fiend, then a strong immune system is a requirement.

Bus Drivers

When you feel sick, you often don’t react as quickly as you should. If you are just in the house, then this just makes things inconvenient. If you are a bus driver, then this can lead to the driver crashing the bus and killing everyone aboard. It doesn’t matter if the driver is transporting children or adults, a bus driver must have a strong immune system.


From actors to wrestlers, every entertainer needs to have a strong immune system. This is especially true for entertainers that frequently make live appearances, like comedians or singers. While canceling a gig every now and then will be understood, canceling a lot of gigs will leave you without a job if you are an entertainer with a weak immune system.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Operating heavy equipment requires fast reflexes and it requires that the operator remain alert at all times. If he or she doesn’t react quickly enough, then someone can get hurt or the entire construction project can be botched. If you plan to operate this machinery, make sure you have a great immune system.

Manufacturing Worker

Having a cold and working on a manufacturing line is a terrible combination. Workers like this can contaminate an entire batch of the manufacturer’s product, which can make customers sick. You will have a few sick days, but don’t think about using those to cover up a weak immune system.

Publisher or Writer

Anyone working on a book, magazine or other type of publication cannot get sick. Most publications are finished right before the deadline, and that is when everyone is at their best. If you get sick, then the team may have to pull several more days of overtime just to get everything done.

Science Researcher

This is especially true if you are working on biological research. Many research centers have to be completely sterile. Years of research can be compromised if just one germ affects a specimen. Imagine how everyone will feel about you if you are the one who brings in the germ.

Project Manager

A business project manager is required to work long and hard with everyone in the office, ensuring that the project is getting done. Managing everyone is very difficult if you have to manage a cold at the same time. If you want to get into this career, ensure that you have a good immune system first.


Just about every job requires a good immune system, but these 10 top the list. If you want to get any of these jobs, then make sure you eat immunity-boosting foods and you get enough sleep, otherwise you may be out of a job within a few months.

Author bio:

Tom Demers writes for Del-Immune V®, a unique probiotic supplement made from the lactobacillus rhamnosus which boost your immune system.