Centres For General Nutrition

General Nutrition Centres (GNC), the largest specialty retailer of nutritional supplements, including vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements, has more than 4800 retail locations across the United States.

A large portion of these are franchise locations too. Consumers can also find GNC products in other retail locations which are contracted to distribute GNC branded products.

At GNC you’ll find a wide variety of products to provide nutritional assistance, including vitamins, powder supplements for weight loss, building muscle, and overall general health.

There are also a wide variety of sports related supplements to help you gain weight and protein. You’ll also find meal replacements, herbal supplements, and health and beauty products. Many of the products are the own brand of GNC, but there’s a wide variety of products from other brands available as well.

The company, founded in 1935 in Pittsburgh, PA was sold by Royal Numico followed by a subsequent sale to a private company.

GNC sets the standard in the nutritional industry for genuine truth in labelling and selling only top quality products in their shops. Their moto, “Live Well”, is echoed in their commitment to researching their products and discovery in the manufacturing process as well as the packaging process for all products.

A consumer walking into a GNC store will be able to find the products they’re looking for and get optimal nutritional assistance, weight loss assistance, or sports related supplements and have a wide variety of products to choose from, as well as the help of knowledgeable staff to assist their needs.


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