Get Benefitted With The Real Gymnema Sylvestre Products To Effectively Control Your Diabetes

Gymnema Sylvestre is an herb that is found in the tropical forests of southern and central India. According to the Ayurvedic principles of Sushruta, this herb was used to treat Madhumeha, the Sanskrit name from diabetes. The herb which is also called Gurmar contains gymnemic acid in its leaves. This acid is known to have anti diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. The gymnemic acid which is the major component of the diabetes herbs is also anti sweetener. It is proved that by placing this herb in the mouth, it reduces the taste of sugar. It is because of these properties of the diabetes herb that the Beta Fast diabetic supplement that we offer are most effective in controlling diabetes. Let us take a look at different products that we are offering for diabetes control.

Beta Fast GXR Glucose Balance – This product is made from the best quality standardized Gymnema Sylvestre extracts. The product comes in tablet of 400 mg each. You need to take two of these tablets daily to maintain the proper Glucose level in your blood. The extended release tablets promote fast glucose metabolism and thereby prevents increased level of blood sugar. The product is safe and clinically tested.

Beta Fast GXR Glucose Tolerance – This product is made with genuine Gymnema Sylvestre concentrates, Chromium picolinate and Vitamin C. These anti diabetic vitamin tablets come in 300 mg specifications. The extended release tablet promotes glucose metabolism and increases glucose tolerance that helps to fight diabetes.

If you are thinking how these products help to control diabetes let us take look into how the product works? For that we need to know the basics of diabetes. Basically diabetes is a health condition when there is increased level of glucose in the blood. This happens when our body cannot metabolize glucose naturally and the amount of glucose that we take accumulates in the blood increasing the glucose level. Increased level of glucose in blood for sustained period of time damages other organs like eyes, kidneys and heart. Moreover, it is also seen that people who are suffering from diabetes feel increased craving for sugar that further worsens the situation.

For treating diabetes we need to take care of both the factors. We need to lower the level of sugar in blood by helping in glucose metabolism with supplements and lower the sugar craving. For both these purpose Gymnema Sylvestre is a best effective and natural solution that has been used in India since ancient times. Clinical trials in United States have also proved that these products are effective in controlling diabetes. The Beta Fast Glucose Balance and Beta Fast Glucose Tolerance are effective in promoting Glucose metabolism and controlling sugar craving. Moreover, you can take the supplements with your regular medication that will complement the healing process.

Get natural diabetes treatment with the Beta Fast Glucose Balance and Beta Fast Glucose Tolerance made from the finest standardized extract of the Gymnema Sylvestre leaf.