Benefits of Detoxing With Bentonite Clay

When we think about detoxing with Bentonite Clay or detoxifying our bodies in general, it is ideal to turn to nature for assistance. It is invariably the simplest things than help us to heal. I’ve spoken about the most elemental products that can assist the cleansing process, such as salt, living juice, air and water. Today I’m going to tell you about clay as an internal detoxifier, Bentonite clay detox taken internally is an ancient and wonderful method for removing toxins from our bodies.

Bentonite clay is named after the place where it was first identified: Fort Benton, Wyoming. People have been using this type of clay to keep their bodies healthy for hundreds of years. Tribes in the Andes and Central Africa used to dip their food in water that had volcanic ash clay dissolved in it. Today, many alternative medicine practitioners use it as a simple cure for a number of common problems.

So how does something as simple as a bentonite clay detox help with the detoxification process, eliminate toxins and keep us healthy? It has to do with how the clay travels through our digestive tracts. Because the clay is not chemically active, our bodies do not digest it when it is consumed. It’s free to travel through us, doing its work along the way.

If you could look at bentonite clay closely enough, you’d see that it is made up of tiny, tiny platelets. Each platelet has a negative charge on the flat part and a positive charge on the edge. As the clay travels, it begins expands like a sponge as it absorbs water as it works its way through our bodies.

But its not just water this clay absorbs: it also soaks up as many positively charged toxins in its path as it can hold. As it expands like a sponge from water in the digestive tract, negatively-charged flat surface parts of the clay to become accessible. Positively charged toxins are magnetically attracted to the clay. Once the clay has traveled through the digestive tract it is eliminated from the body, along with the toxins that are attached to it.

Many types of toxins can be eliminated with bentonite clay. By taking advantage of this method of detoxification you will help rid your body of free radicals, pesticides, herbicides, and even internal parasites and pathogenic viruses.

There is no end to the wonderful things a bentonite clay cleanse can do for your body. There is evidence that problems like hay fever, allergies, and anemia can be soothed this way. Other bentonite clay benefits are a clearer complexion, brighter and whiter eyes, improved bowel movements, reduced stress, and improved presence of mind. Bentonite clay is best known as an aid for digestive problems.

Diarrhea is one condition that this clay is commonly called upon to solve. Because of bentonite’s ability to expand, it acts as a binding agent, reducing or even eliminating diarrhea symptoms.

In fact, many digestive problems can be helped through a bentonite clay detox. Constipation, indigestion, and anemia can all be helped by bentonite clay. The removal of toxins helps to strengthen the immune system, leaving you able to fight off whatever cold or flu may be going around.

At this point you may still be worried about one thing – how can consuming clay possibly taste good? Well, the wonderful thing about bentonite clay is that it’s so easy to add into other foods. Sprinkling some into applesauce makes it taste delicious, plus gives you a little extra pectin (a binding agent that can also help with diarrhea). You can also take it with juice or a smoothie. For the best effect try to take it either an hour before eating or right after you eat.

As strange as it may sound to add clay to your diet, bentonite is an amazing detoxification agent. It liberates your gut of harmful toxins and keeps it healthy. There is even a liquid bentonite clay that is easy to take. People have trusted clay for generations, and I hope you will consider giving it a try.

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