Things You Should Start Doing When You Know You are Pregnant!

A woman gets to know that she has conceived, when she witnesses the early pregnancy symptoms. Whether a surprise or a planned pregnancy, the thrill that this news brings with it is certainly unparalleled. If you have just come to know that you are expecting a baby and you are in full mood to celebrate this special time of your life with your loved ones, then don’t stop yourself from doing this!

Let the whole world know that a little one is entering your family in the next 8-9 months. Once you are done spreading the news of your pregnancy to your friends and family, you must gear yourself for some great pieces of advice coming your way!

Here we are mentioning a few things that you must start doing when you get to know that you are pregnant.

Book an appointment with the doctor – This is, perhaps, the most important thing that you should be doing, once you observe the early signs of pregnancy. Paying a visit to one of the reliable medical practitioners in your area will help you a lot. All your queries and concerns regarding the prenatal period can be answered in the best way possible, with the assistance of a renowned and dependable doctor. Your doctor will also conduct the necessary preliminary check, so as to make sure that you will stay healthy in the long run.

Eat healthy – No matter whether you are a gourmet or a junk food lover, the time has come when you really have to keep a check on what you eat. Because whatever you will be eating during this period, will be having a direct impact on your baby’s health. You should avoid all kinds of oily and high calorie foods and switch to a platter full of nutrients and vitamins. For it is important that you eat healthy to have a healthy pregnancy period.

Drink enough water – Water is extremely important for you and your baby. Thus, drinking at least two liters of water is a must during this crucial phase of your life. Water do not just passes the essential nutrients to the fetus but also works wonders by giving you a comfortable prenatal period by keeping you fresh, hydrated and active.

Exercising is essential, don’t skip it! – Well, many women take their pregnancy as an excuse to lie all day long in bed or to stay lazy. However, this is not what you got to be doing! Just search the internet and find a few exercises that are helpful for the pregnant women to stay lively and to keep themselves and their babies healthy and fine.

Steer clear from bad habits! – If till now you enjoyed drinking alcohol, smoking, or having drugs, then you should immediately stop doing all this! Your health and well being, together with that of your developing baby, is entirely in your hands. You need to stay away from all such habits that can have an adverse effect on your little one’s growth.

Keep all the above mentioned things in mind as soon as you find that you are expecting a child! Following a few steps will help you a lot in having a healthy and safe prenatal period. So, don’t get nervous and act carefully for your little one’s healthiness.

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Health benefits of Whiskey

You would be wondering about how can be whiskey beneficial for health or how can alcohol benefits for human health? If you are agreed then you must read about the benefits of whiskey. Alcohol has deadly effects if it is consumed in large quantity but if it is consumed in short quantity then it would be treated as medicine. Excessive amount of whiskey affects the liver, brain and heart and many other organs of the body because it decreases the metabolic reaction rate whereas it also develops diseases such as liver inflammation or severe liver scarring.

There are many health benefits of whiskey like it help in preventing cancer because it contains anti-oxidants that helps in restricting the growth of cancer cells. It provides chemo protective effect in cellular organs as it helps in reducing the oxidation process in the body. Whiskey also prevents cold and flu as it helps in providing heat to the body. Whiskey protects the heart as it helps in preventing blood clot in the arteries and hence reducing the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

As we know that whiskey have positive effect on our health, here are some of advantages of whisky such as it acts as an antioxidants medicines helps in fighting many diseases and combat sign of aging. Whiskey is high antioxidant that helps in limiting the oxidation of low density lipoprotein in the blood that causes many heart diseases. It also increases rich amount of cholesterol in the body and also decreases the fat content in the arteries.

The whiskey health benefits also include many more things like it has no fat, low carbohydrates and it decreases the risk of common medical issues such as cancer and heart-attack. If you want to make your body more healthy and looking for positive effects of whiskey then start browsing the best health website offering you the better information regarding your health with high level of accuracy. For this, you can visit the internet where many health improving websites and blogs are available; you just need to select the best one among them according to your health needs and requirements.

Strength & Control: The Health Benefits of Kegel Exercise

Incontinence and becoming prolapsed may be the possible effects of the weakening of the pelvic diaphragm. But do not fret because there is a recommended solution for strengthening the pelvic floor and being able to control of the vaginal muscles that can make maximum pleasure and a better sex experience achievable. The recommended solution is the Kegel exercise.
In 1948, a gynecologist by the name of Dr. Arnold Kegel published the Kegel exercise that involves contracting and relaxing muscles of the pelvic floor. This exercise can minimize the chances of incontinence and a prolapsed uterus.
During pregnancy, women are prescribed to do this exercise in order to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for the strenuous physiological tension they will experience during labor.
The pelvic diagram could weaken because of the kind of damage it has been exposed to and this could result to pelvic trauma. The effects are not instant and have the possibility to be apparent only after a period of time has passed since the pelvic floor has been damaged.
Other possible reasons for pelvic trauma could be: The hormonal imbalance a woman may be experiencing. This can strain the muscles and tissues and can contribute to damaging the pelvic floor. Another could be the medical family history. The repetition of family afflictions could also be a contributing factor. If a family member or members whether direct or extended has experienced this, it is highly likely that the in the same generation or the next ones could also experience it.
Much like when exercising the common muscles like the biceps, the more Kegelexercise a woman does, the more strength and control there is. Strengthen and tone the vaginal and pelvic muscles, and to be able control she contracts and releases those same muscles during sexual intercourse.
The medical speciality that deals with the three axis of the female perineum: urological, gynecological, and coloproctological is called Perineology.
It is said that by learning to control the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles it increase sexual gratification, which in turn, leads to better sex. According to Dr. Kegel himself, he published a report stating that the ease in achieving orgasms, the frequency of it, and their intensity have increased. The Pubococcygeal muscles, also called PC are those muscles that allow a person to control their urine. These same muscles are also the ones that contract during orgasm. Using the Kegel exercise leads to a more gratified sexual experience.
The Kegel exercise can be most beneficial but women must be aware that of the necessary steps that need to be taken before actually doing the exercise. It’s been a common mistake of women that they tend to do it the improper way. This could be seriously damaging to the very same vaginal and pelvic muscles they wish to be strengthened. It could lead to further pelvic trauma. So it’s better to be aware and learn the proper way so as not to add more injury to insult.