Role Of Hormones and Prohormones In Overall Health Maintenance

Hormones are the vital secretions that result in all sorts of growth and development activities in our body. Factors like height and weight of the body is stimulated by the hormones secreted by pituitary and thyroid glands. Hormone secreting glands in our body control our metabolism and overall activities of different systems in the body.

Prohormones are nothing but precursor of different types of hormones produced in a human body. Although, prohormones are not direct stimulants of growth and metabolism in our body, they support the hormones in functioning more effectively. In other words, they help the body in absorbing and responding to its natural hormones.

HCG or human growth hormone is one of the main hormones produced in the human body. This hormone is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and it is responsible for cell reproduction. Growth hormone is released in the body of every living being and it is responsible for controlling the entire regeneration process. Human growth hormone is different in its properties and potential from hormones secreted in animals and there is a whole lot of research work going on about HCG. Many drugs and medical inventions are trying to use different types of HCG boosters in offering stronger solutions for different types of health issues.

As an individual grows older, the overall hormone production levels in his or her body starts to fall. This results in poor cell reproduction capacity which is the sole cause of all the changes one witnesses while he or she grows older. Every cell in a body from skin to the hairs is affected by hormonal changes. Many people use HCG therapies to control aging signs in their body like skin wrinkles and hair loss. HCG supplements and HCG boosters are also known to help in easy weight loss. However, intense or unwanted HCG treatments are known to cause side effects in the long run. Recent developments have replaced hormone treatments with prohormone supplements and medications that are comparatively considered quite safer. For instance RestorHCG is a popular weight loss supplement containing natural elements that help in hormone production and absorption.

Natural prohormones secreted in a human body are known as proinsulin (secreted by pancreas) and pro-opiomelanocortin (secreted by pituitary gland). Proinsulin helps in better working of insulin. Similarly pro-opiomelanocortin helps in better absorption and functioning of different hormones secreted by pituitary glands and this also includes Human Growth Hormone. Several well known pharmaceutical manufacturers are now using prohormone drugs in synthesizing different types of health and nutrient supplement. Although prohormone drugs are quite safe, there are several regulations applied in its processing and development. In any case, people are recommended to use only FDA certified drugs and drug supplements made with prohormones.

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