The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a deadly disease that the Lustgarten Foundation are strongly fighting to overcome. This foundation has strongly been dedicated towards researching pancreatic cancer which includes diagnosis, treatment, as well as the means towards preventing pancreatic cancer with the faith that one day they will possibly be able to find a cure.

Workers at the foundation are engaged towards maintaining communication lines open within the medical community in order that all of the information that is compiled can be put together in order to find some efficient solutions. This foundation also manages to keep the public aware of new advances and discoveries in treatments that are then made available for this specific disease.

The Lustgarten Foundation accepts any kind of donation from several resources which they use in grants and awards that are then given to certain areas in the medical field that involves research and treatment of pancreatic cancer. They consequently attribute these funds to scientists who though they might not ever see a patient, will spend their time researching for prevention and or treatment of the disease.

There is also a network of scientists that are keenly studying this disease in order to find a cure and they get help with funds attributed through this foundation which is a very helpful resource to them and makes it possible for them to continue their work. When a patient is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, whether it is treatable or not curable, the Lustgarten Foundation will be able to help them with information that they might require in order to learn more about the disease that they might have.

Various kinds of medical and therapeutic assistance also exist for the families and friends. The foundation is able to provide support through their therapy sessions and the action that is being taken in their treatment.

This foundation was initially created due to a man named Marc Lustgarten who died in August of 1999 due to his fight against Pancreatic Cancer. He was the vice chairman of Cablevision and chairman of Madison Square Garden.

Lustgarten’s contributions to Cablevision and Madison Square Garden and several other numerous civic organizations along with charitable organizations managed to make him a good seed in the world of business. He began the Lustgarten Foundation in order to help in finding some better treatments and possibly a cure for the pancreatic cancer that he, himself, was fighting.


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